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Arducopter AC 3.1.2 Loiter test on PX4

Finally I've gotten stable Loiter, by getting GPS and Compass away from pesky annoying interference. I wasn't able to show long-duration position hold as I had planned, because my battery went flat a bit early 🙂

The AC version I am using is quite old, so it is not representative of current AC Loiter state. I have also done minimal tuning of nav/loiter when doing the test.

The frame I am using is a HobbyKing Q450 (really a Whirlwind FY450), equipped with generic 20A ESC's and NTM 28-30S 900 motors spinning unbalanced 1045SF plastic props, so the PX4 is seeing quite a lot of vibration. The GPS is a uBlox Neo-7M + HMC5883l compass from HobbyKing:


Pathfinder Mk.0 Tricopter maiden flight

Maiden flight of my first bujild of a tricopter. The build is based on the common / David Windestål trike-design, but using aluminium 10x10mm profiles, FR4 as material for center-plate. Flight controller on this one is a KK2.1.5, ESC's are HK SS-series 18-20, tail servo is a TGY-9018MG.


FPV November – Biri Bruk

Evening flight in November at Biri Bruk.
Aircraft is my HCopter APM2.0

Soundtrack: "Son of a Rocket" Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0


FPV forest flight in October

FPV-flight in the forest.

Music by MiuGlitch/Miu


Et svevende blikk på Gjøvik Gård – Mikrokopter + GoPro

Et overblikk på Gjøvik Gård / An overview of Gjøvik Gård. - - -