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OpenCoreBot update #2: I’m changing the build.

After my last post about the OCB project, I did a lot of building, and running the prototype. But I didn't post any updates during that time. The reason for that is that I really didn't have anything that I wanted to show. The initial buildup went fairly quick, I got decent speed out of the CoreXY mechanism, and I managed to print stuff. But I had some real issues that stopped me from saying "It works".

Please read on after "the jump" ...

One of the issues I've really on struggled is to build a working Z-axis motion system that is stable, does not suffer from sticktion/racking, doesn't sag, and is of a useable size. I think I may have found two approaches, and I'm testing the first of those on my current build-up. I won't go into details now, as I'm unsure if it actually works or not...

The second major issue comes from my use of the 15x15mm OpenBeams. I talked in the previous post that I already had realized that the OpenBuilds V-Slot extrusions would have been a better choice. I've now finally decided to change out all aluminium extrusions to V-Slots, and any parts that were locked to the OpenBeam size have already been redesigned.

Those two issues are the main design/structure issues I have. On top of that I have a few cosmetic and minor issues that I want ironed out before posting design files and results. The machine works, and is printing the upgrade parts that will be used to move from 15x15 to 20x20 extrusions. I also still have to design some parts with proper/sane mounting of endstops. Until then I'll kep design files to myself 😉

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